Safeguard Your Spirits: Distillery Insurance for Bend, OR's Booming Craft Beverage Scene

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The craft distillery industry in Bend, OR is thriving. With a growing number of distilleries offering unique and delicious spirits, the demand for locally-made products is at an all-time high. However, alongside this success comes the responsibility of managing risk. Here at Century Insurance, we understand the specific needs of distilleries and offer comprehensive distillery insurance solutions to keep your business safe.

Why Distillery Insurance Matters

According to the American Craft Spirits Association, there are over 2,000 craft distilleries across the U.S. This exponential growth signifies a vibrant industry, but it also highlights the importance of proper risk management. Distilleries face unique challenges, from potential product contamination to equipment breakdowns. Distillery insurance provides critical financial protection against these unforeseen events, ensuring your business can weather any storm.

Tailored Coverage for Bend Distilleries

At Century Insurance, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for distillery insurance. We work closely with Bend-based distilleries to create customized insurance packages that address their specific needs. Here are some key coverages included in our distillery insurance programs:

Liquor Liability Insurance

Shields your business from lawsuits associated with over-consumption of your products. This is especially important in a social setting like a distillery tasting room.

Property Insurance

Safeguards your distillery building, equipment, inventory, and finished goods against fire, theft, and other covered perils.

Business Interruption Insurance

Provides financial compensation for lost income if your distillery operations are halted due to a covered event.

<h2 data-sourcepos="19:1-19:38">Addressing Bend-Specific Concerns</h2>

Addressing Bend-Specific Concerns

Bend's unique location and seasonal tourist influx present specific considerations for distillery insurance. Here's how Century Insurance can help:

  • Seasonal Operations: If your distillery experiences fluctuations in production or tourism traffic, we can tailor your insurance coverage to reflect these seasonal changes.
  • Craft Ingredients: Many Bend distilleries utilize locally-sourced ingredients. We can ensure your policy covers potential spoilage or contamination risks associated with these unique ingredients.
  • Event Coverage: If your distillery hosts special events or tastings, we can provide event insurance to cover any potential liabilities.

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