Crime Insurance

Protecting your assets

Help protect the assets of your organization with crime coverage . All organizations face crime exposures from internal and external threats. 

Regardless of safeguards, background checks and screening for most organizations a crime loss is not a question of if but of when. Disappearance of funds often results from small amounts being taken over a lengthy period of time by a seemingly trustworthy employee. 

In our world of increasing use of technology, cyber crime has become commonplace. Organizations now need computer security beyond what’s provided by our financial institutions or service providers. In addition to the employee theft and computer fraud exposures, losses may also stem from forgery or alteration, robbery or counterfeit money.

Employee Theft - Covers loss of or damage to money, securities and other property due to employee theft, whether identified or acting alone or in collusion with others

Forgery or alteration - Covers loss resulting directly from forgery or alteration of instruments, such as checks, drafts and promissory notes.

Inside the premises - Provides coverage for loss:

  • of money and securities inside the premises or a banking premises, resulting directly from theft, disappearance or destruction
  • due to damage to other property resulting directly from an actual or attempted robbery of a custodian or safe burglary

Outside the premises - Pays for theft, disappearance or destruction of money and securities and other property in the care and custody of a messenger or armored motor vehicle company due to an actual or attempted robbery.

Computer fraud - Covers loss of money, securities and other property when a computer is used from inside the insured’s premises or a banking premises to fraudulently transfer of that property to a person or place outside those premises.

Funds transfer fraud - Pays for direct loss due to a financial institution receiving and responding to a fraudulent request to transfer, pay or deliver funds from the insured’s account.

Money orders and counterfeit money - Covers loss after accepting in good faith counterfeit money or money orders in exchange for merchandise, money or services.

Client’s property - Covers your client’s loss or damage to money, securities and other property by an identified employee acting alone or in collusion with other persons.

Claim expense - Pays expenses incurred by the insured to establish the existence and amount of any covered loss under any insurance agreement.

Social engineering fraud - Covers loss when insured transfers money, securities or other property requested by an insured person or employee, or a known customer or vendor who later proves to be an impostor.

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