Wildfire Preparedness Day

Wildfire Preparedness Day

April 26, 2023

Wildfire Preparedness Day is an annual event that takes place in Oregon and other states across the country. The event is designed to raise awareness about the risks of wildfires and provide information and resources to help individuals and communities prepare for and respond to wildfires.

In Oregon, Wildfire Preparedness Day is typically held on the first Saturday in May. The event is organized by the Oregon Department of Forestry and other local and state agencies, as well as community organizations and volunteer groups.

The goal of Wildfire Preparedness Day is to encourage individuals and communities to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of wildfires and minimize their impact. This includes activities such as clearing debris and flammable materials from around homes and structures, creating defensible space, and developing evacuation plans.   

To support these efforts, Wildfire Preparedness Day events typically include educational workshops, community meetings, and hands-on activities such as tree planting and brush clearing. Participants are also provided with resources such as fire-resistant plants, evacuation checklists, and emergency kits.

In addition to these events, the Oregon Department of Forestry and other agencies offer a range of resources and information to help individuals and communities prepare for wildfires. This includes information on fire safety, fire prevention, and evacuation planning, as well as resources for obtaining permits for outdoor burning and other activities.

Overall, Wildfire Preparedness Day in Oregon is an important opportunity for individuals and communities to come together and take action to protect themselves and their property from the risks of wildfires. By raising awareness and providing resources and information, the event helps to build more resilient communities that are better equipped to respond to the threat of wildfires.

See below for 2023 dates, time, and locations of the annual Spring FireFree Event!

Dispose of your needles, leaves, branches and brush for FREE!

• Grass clippings, brush, plant prunings, pine needles, pine cones, weeds, trimmings and branches, stumps or trees (no larger than 12” diameter).
• NOT Accepted: Sod, dirt, rocks, lumber, metal, trash or plastics of any kind, including plastic bags, and any stumps or trees larger than 12” diameter.

The following Deschutes County sites will be accepting yard debris this Spring for FREE!

During regular scheduled business hours and days, listed below.


Knott Landfill

May 6 – May 21  7 Days/week

7 AM –4:30 PM

61050 SE 27th Street, Bend


Negus Transfer Station

June 3 – June 17, Monday – Saturday


2400 NE Maple Way, Redmond


Northwest Transfer Station

June 3 – June 17 Wednesday – Saturday


68200 Fryrear Road, Sisters

~La Pine~ 

Southwest Transfer Station

June 3 – June 17 Monday – Saturday


54580 Highway 97, La Pine


Sunriver Compost Site

May 5 – 6


18305 Cottonwood Road, Sunriver

~Jefferson County~

Box Canyon Transfer Station

May 13-14, and 20-21

8:30AM – 4:30PM

1760 SE McTaggert Road, Madras