6 Tips for a Safer, Happier Holiday Season

6 Tips for a Safer, Happier Holiday Season

November 30, 2020

The holidays are a time of getting together with friends and family, parties and decorations, presents and good things to eat. With so much going on, who wants to think about homeowners insurance? Actually, your homeowners insurance (and especially your theft coverage) plays a pretty big role in your holiday peace of mind, even if you (hopefully) don’t realize it. That’s because the holiday season is also a big season for burglars and thieves, who are just as interested in what’s under your tree (or hidden in your closets) as you and your family members are.

And once the holidays are over, they’re also keeping an eye on your trash. Why? Because they know if they see an old TV or other once-costly item in the trash, there’s a good chance that means you’ve bought a new, better, even costlier item to replace it. They’re also looking for boxes from expensive items like game systems or computers. They even hang out online, visiting social media sites to see what gifts people are talking about. Sound too complex for burglars or thieves? Not at all – it’s their “job.”

Of course, no one wants to have their property stolen, and making sure you take a few simple steps can reduce your risks dramatically:

  • Don’t locate your tree in front of a window; it may be pretty, but it also provides a clear view of presents.
  • If you go visiting, try to leave an extra car in the driveway and use timers – including ones you can control remotely – to tune lights and TV on and off at different times.
  • Put all boxes from new items inside your trash cans, not out in the open where they can be seen.
  • Try to arrange for package deliveries when you’re home or have a neighbor look out for them – or better still, request a delivery signature if you can so they can be re-delivered at your convenience or pick them up at the UPS store or nearby Amazon locker location.
  • Make sure you have extra theft coverage for “big-ticket” items like jewelry and collectibles that aren’t covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy.
  • Try not to post about your holiday plans online, especially if you’re going to be traveling during the holidays – even for the day. Keep your messages private instead or better still, wait until after the holidays to post about what you did.

Having an up-to-date homeowners insurance policy with adequate theft coverage is one of the best ways you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your possessions Once your policy is in place, it’s there hard at work in the background, helping you enjoy your holidays with greater peace of mind.